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 teaching some INSULTS!

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PostSubject: teaching some INSULTS!   Tue 27 Nov 2007, 19:33

pipol here's some list of insults i am going to share with u all..

its not really needed in the philippines but to tell u pipol, when u live in foreign countries like U.S or CANADA, hell, these will be very useful to drive off rude pipol and make them FUCK OFF!!

1. you're such a dork!

2. your brain needs to be adjusted!

3. who the hell are you?

4. dont mess with me!

5. your such a pig!

6. whoa you really do suck!

7. omg you got issues, girl

8. did you eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast?

9. hey, let me upgrade you!

10. i know i am hot, but you dont need to stare!

11. hey crackhead!

12. kiss my butt crack!

13. you stink!

14. whatever!

15. back off!

16. could u be any weird?

17. you're as fake as your handbag!

18. shut your ugly face!

19. screw you!

20. rehab is for quitters!
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the watcher
the watcher

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PostSubject: Re: teaching some INSULTS!   Thu 29 Nov 2007, 02:33


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teaching some INSULTS!
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